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List shared folder permission + list each group member

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  • List shared folder permission + list each group member


    This is maybe something pretty basic, but I cannot figure out how to deal with it.

    I need to list the the permission for shared folder on a mapped drive. For each permission, the report should give me usernames and/or groups. For each group, I need to know each member of that group. If possible, the group member should not be repetead, otherwise the report will be too long to be read.

    Please note that the report could countain a lot of line. If possible to have the group member in another tab in excel, it would be event better!

    thank you!

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    Hyena can report NTFS permissions on files/folders, but not expand out the memberships of groups found. It will report the explicit permissions as found in the object's security. You can see the reporting available by right-clicking on a share or folder and choosing View NTFS Security.