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how do I get the hotfix information to populate?

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  • how do I get the hotfix information to populate?

    the hotfix tab on the computer properties is empty since I upgraded to the new version. Have windows 7 computers

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    There are several things to look at on this one. The HotFix tab of computer properties comes from the registry of the computer you are viewing. With Windows 7 systems you need to make sure the Remote Registry service is running, and that the Windows Firewall isn't on and blocking you. These will typically give an error when you try to view the Hotfix tab, though. Another issue can be with 64 bit systems, in that they have a different section of the registry for 32 bit and 64 bit data. If the system you are running Hyena on is 32 bit, and you are viewing registry information on 64 bit systems, you can set this advanced setting to True: Tools -> Settings -> Advanced -> x64ForceWindowsRegistry. If none of this helps, the next option would be to use WMI -> Hot Fixes. Right-click on a computer or selection of computers and choose WMI -> Execute Query -> Hot Fixes, then click the Execute Query button. This function will use the WMI subsystem on each system and should produce more accurate information than what you get from the registry, plus you can run it on multiple computers at once.