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    hi, we have windows 7 x64 and would like to find out remotely the mapped drives -- especially the manually mapped ones -- the ones from the logon script I know - I just need to find out the ones that users have manually mapped --in addition can these mapped drives be updated -- for example if a share drive is moved to a different server then update this info on the user computer remotely- win7 x64 -- thank you

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    We don't have a way to report that information unfortunately. Windows stores that information in the user's hive of the registry, making it difficult to obtain especially remotely. There might be a WMI class out there to report them, but we haven't see a good one yet. You can search this board for "mapped" and get some possible ideas of things to try.


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      I have a tool under hyena to run psexec psexec.exe \\%e% cmd -- is there a way to make this cmd run as administrator or system acct on the remote pc? maybe there is a variable I could add to accomplish this -- thank you


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        Psexec has switches for username and password: -u -p, so you should be able to use a local admin or domain admin with it.


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          You can see all of its options here: