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Find object -> navigate to it on left hand side

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  • Find object -> navigate to it on left hand side


    Is there an easy way to navigate to an object found in the left hand folder/AD structure?

    I mean from here:
    Computer suchen_2013-07-24_07-34-53.jpg

    to there (instead of displaying the object on the right hand side list):
    Hyena v10.jpg

    Until now, I am only able to access the object's properties on the right hand side list, find the object information and navigate to it on the left hand side structure manually. Is there an easier way?

    Thanks for your support. It's highly appreciated.


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    The Find function will put the object in the right-hand window, but you can right-click on the Computers folder in the left window and choose View. That will add the object to the left side allowing you to expand it. You can also expand the Computers folder or any list in the left window and start typing the name of the computer you are looking for and it will move down the list as you type.


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      Thanks for the feedback. These suggestions might be some kind of a workaround. However, I'd be grateful if a way could be provided to directly access an object from the find dialog (or the right hand pane) on the left hand tree view. From my perspective this would be very helpful.