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WMI on a group of computers in a text file

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  • WMI on a group of computers in a text file

    Is there a way of importing a list of machines to run a query against to determine when the operating system was installed on a group of specific machines that I have in a text file?
    The wmi in question is win32_operatingSystem.InstallDate

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    There are a couple of options you can use for this. The bottom post by me on this thread gives one:

    Another option would be to create a temporary Global group, and add your computers to that group. The Add Members dialog allows you to paste in a delimited list of objects, then you can simply view the members of the group to get your report. When you are finished you can simply delete the temporary group.

    That WMI class is one of the default queries as well that you can see when you right-click on your selected computers and choose WMI -> Execute Query -> Operating System.