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  • Add contacts using System Commander


    I am looking at the trial version of system commander and I'm trying to work out how to add contacts to a domain.

    Can you give me an idea of how to do it.

    I'd like to place all the new users into a new OU and input them from a file - can you give me an example.

    So for example, how would I add users John Doe from [email protected] and Allen Smithy from [email protected] to the domain in the OU New Contact ?


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    The best place to start is in the Help section with SystemTools Commander Overview, and then Getting Started. Those will give you an idea of basic functions and such.
    Essentially, what you'll have is your input file with the contacts you want to create and the various properties for each contact that you want to set, configure SysCmd to match the fields in your file, give it a destination, and import the file. The destination would in this case be the target OU, and you put that in the Object List on the left side of SysCmd (Objects menu, New Object).

    Create a new task to Manage Active Directory Objects, and fill in the details there, such as a Task Action of Create Directory Objects, a Object Class of Contact, and on the Attributes tab is where you add the attributes to match your input file.

    Once you have that configured you Execute the task. We recommend when testing that you use a couple of objects initially to make sure they are created the way you want, and if not you can tweak settings accordingly.