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  • change default group members view

    when i expand All groups, expand a group, then double-click Members, i am given a 7-column view on the right side. is there any way to change this view? i need to add a column to it. right-clicking a column heading and "select/customize query" doesn't seem to want t help. i'm just given "all users" greyed out in the query type window, and adding a column to the Users (summary) view doesn't change the group members view.

    i've been asked to produce a list of usernames and titles who are members of 3 AD groups. so i'd just like to add a Title column to this group members view.

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    Group members view can't be changed, but you can select the users in the right-hand window after displaying members, then right-click and choose Query Active Directory->Users(Detailed-Office) for additional fields including Title.