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adding batch file to runonce via psexec/Hyena

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  • adding batch file to runonce via psexec/Hyena

    Want to push a batchfile via Hyena into the runonce reg item so when the system reboots it will execute the batchfile

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    You should be able to create a Custom Tool for this. You'll need to set the registry key the way you want on your computer, then export out that key to a .reg file. You'll also need to get a copy of psexec from here:

    In Hyena go to Tools->Custom Tools->Tool Settings, click New and enter a Caption Name of something like Update Registry. I believe this will work for the Command Line:

    cmd /c psexec \\%E% reg import \\server\regkeys\data.reg

    Click OK to add that tool, then to run it select a couple of test computers in the right-hand window then right-click and choose Tools->Update Registry.


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      Thanks alot, I appreciate the detail on the response