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New user - Cant make my way through!

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  • New user - Cant make my way through!

    Hi there ..
    I have installed Hyena V8.6 on my computer which is windows 7 64 bit and i seem to have problems figuring out my way through Hyena!
    i have a couple of basic questions:
    1 - If i want to get details of a particular server or entire domain then do i have to supply any specific user name and password like domain administrator user name and password? and if yes then where can i do that?

    2 - MY MAIN AIM:
    i want to user WMI to get hisotry of login/log out for administrator users for our main SERVERS and i searched MS for event ID related to login and log off and found that for 'logoff, event id = 4634' and for 'logon, event ID = 4624' but i dont know how to use WMI and these details and specify administrator users for certain servers only to get the needed hisotry details.
    This is very urgent for me as our auditors are asking for such details and i have forced to get Hyena to give me this detail but i cannot figure out my way now
    plz help me.

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    Re: New user - Cant make my way through!

    1. You don't have to do anything if the account you are logged in with has sufficient permissions to get that information. If it doesn't, the best solution would be to start Hyena using Run As.

    2. For this you might want to use Hyena's Filter Events feature. Select a few servers to test, then right-click and choose Events->Filter Events. You can select the log you want to search, enter the event IDs you want, and any other information.