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    Hi There

    is there a way to mass edit an attribute like the phone number field using Hyena!!

    I know you can copy and add using %attribute% but i am not sure how can you remove numbers.

    For example can i edit phone number 02 1234 5678 to be 5678 only?

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    Re: edit attribute

    There wouldn't be any way for Hyena to do that one, but we do have a new utility that is currently in beta that will, though. You would create a spreadsheet with the new numbers the way you want, then import in those changes.

    If you would like to experiment with a beta product, you can find out information on the product and download it from this page:

    The help file will need to be read prior to using it, and we suggest running it on a small number of objects in a test environment to get an understanding of how the product works.