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disabeling multi computeraccounts

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  • disabeling multi computeraccounts

    is it possible(if so how) to disabeling more than computer account automaticaly? Now i need to look for the computer account 1 by 1.

    many thanks.

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    Re: disabeling multi computeraccounts

    A trick you can use is to create a temporary group in AD, then add your list of computers as members. The add members dialog allows you to paste in a list, I think ; delimited and it will verify each one for you. Then view the members of the group, right-click and choose Directory Functions->Disable Account. When finished just delete the temporary group.


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      Re: disabeling multi computeraccounts

      Many thanks for the fast reply. Pitty it isnt possible to do it with, lets say, an importfile(.txt with the computernames.)


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        Re: disabeling multi computeraccounts

        The method I gave you is the best solution, but you can import a list of computers using Object Manager if you want.

        What you do is create a text file and name it qstation.dat and then add your entries look like:

        ComputerA ComputerList
        ComputerB ComputerList
        ComputerC ComputerList

        There are 2 tabs between those. The ComputerList part I specified above is the grouping folder that will be created when you import this list, and can be named anything you want. Use the same one for all of these computers to keep them in the same grouping.

        Then go to File->Manage Object View and click the Import Computer List button.


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          Re: disabeling multi computeraccounts

          No disrespect to Hyena which is an excellent product, but I think that this tool might be more suited to your needs:

          Its called AD Tidy Tool and its free and while I dont think it can import a list of users/computers as a text file, it would be easy to move them to an OU/group and disable those.

          PS I ahve nothing to do with AD Tidy Tool, but we use it a lot.


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            Re: disabeling multi computeraccounts

            I hadn't noticed this post. I don't know what version of Hyena you are using, but from at least v8.0 onward you just multi-select the computers in Hyena's right window, select Directory Functions->Disable Account.

            The selected computers need to all be computers and not any domain controllers.

            Moving computers multiple computers is done the same way.

            Let me know if you don't see this option or have something that you cant find a way to do. If it can't be done, we can look at adding the functionality.
            Kevin Stanush
            SystemTools Software Inc.


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              Re: disabeling multi computeraccounts

              will have a look at it, thanks


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                Re: disabeling multi computeraccounts

                maybe about adding adding the functionality.

                make this possible through adding a textfile with the accounts would me great.