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Directory Functions & Object Groupings

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  • Directory Functions & Object Groupings

    I need to move hundreds of computer accounts from one OU to another. I have created the necessary Object groupings and imported the computer names. Is there a way I can use "Directory Functions" for an Object grouping so I can accomplish this task? Finding and clicking on hundreds of computer accounts manually under 'Computers' is obviously not an option for me.

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    Re: Directory Functions & Object Groupings

    Unfortunately you lose the AD functionality with Object Groupings. What you can do, though is create a temporary Global Group in AD and paste in your list of computers. Then view the members and move them, then delete the group.


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      Re: Directory Functions & Object Groupings

      Absolutely brilliant. I tried a couple of workstations and it worked flawlessly. Thanks to you, I do not have to write a VB script to accomplish this, which I was dreading. Thanks Again!