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  • using Adding a Remote Job

    I am trying to delete a file on a remote computer using the More Functions/Add Remote Job. This should be a fairly simple task but the final solution continues to elude me. I running a command line “del /f c:\netsweeper\ns_walog.txtâ€‌. It never deletes the file and after looking at the event viewer it states “the system cannot find the file specifiedâ€‌. I can run the command on the local machine from a cmd prompt and it runs correctly. What am I missing???

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    Re: using Adding a Remote Job

    You might want to try a quick test using Create Macro instead. You'll select a few test computers in the right-hand window, then go to Tools->Create Macro. The Macro Command String should be:

    del \\%E%\c$\netsweeper\ns_walog.txt

    Enter an Output Filname of something like:


    Click OK and Hyena will create the delwalog.bat file. Go to your Command Prompt and type delwalog.bat and see if that does what you are needing.


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      Re: using Adding a Remote Job

      That does work but I left out the part where that I need to do this to about 900 remote computers. It did give me some ideas to try.