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  • Organize Custom Tools

    Is there a way to organize my custom tools in Hyena so I can specify which ones are launched with Function Keys (CTRL+F?) and can I make more than 10?

    I would like to see a better method of organizing these as I use them all day long. It would also be nice to have more of them (like using SHIFT+CTRL+F?).

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    Re: Organize Custom Tools

    Go to Tools->Settings->Tools and use the icons at the bottom to control which tools are first, second, etc. The first tool will be Ctrl-F1, then Ctrl-F2 will run the second on the list, etc.


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      Re: Organize Custom Tools

      Yes - I am familiar with the icons and use them to move around and manage the maximum # of tools I have (50?).
      I'd post a pic but not sure if I can...
      I was talking about editing the 'tools_cmds.dat' file

      I seem to be missing CTRL+F8 from my list and don't know why.

      Where F8 would be is a menu item with sub commands which continue as F9, F10

      Why were F11 or F12 omitted from usage in Hyena?


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        Re: Organize Custom Tools

        You may need to move your sub-menu down the list a bit below the first 9. You can edit the file directly but it isn't recommended because the structure could get hosed that way.