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"Find" No Longer Working

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  • "Find" No Longer Working

    recently I have upgraded my Laptop to use Windows 7 64 bit. Because the version of Hyena I have ( 7.5) doesn't support that, I have moved the install to a network server and created a shortcut to the new install. Most things seem to be working fine. However the Find function seems to fail silently ( least I am not getting any on screen errors ). The Server has AdminPak installed, as does my laptop ( least the Windows 7 equivilent).
    Should I be able to run 'Find' or will that not work with my current set up?

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    Re: "Find" No Longer Working

    The Find doesn't seem to work when running 32 bit Hyena on a 64 bit OS. That is one of the reasons we decided to offer a 64 bit version of Hyena. To fix that you would have to upgrade to v8.0 and install the 64 bit version of Hyena.


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      Re: "Find" No Longer Working

      I wanted to clarify that this problem only affects Windows 7 x64 computers, ie not Windows XP or Vista 64-bit. The problem is due to Microsoft no longer installing all of the 32-bit System and Active Directory DLLs when you install the Admin Pak. Since Microsoft's tools are all 64-bit, the required 64-bit system components are present. As Chuck indicated, this was one of the many reasons we released a native 64-bit version of Hyena.
      Kevin Stanush
      SystemTools Software Inc.