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  • use OU to list servers

    No doubt this subject has been beaten to death, but several times I've read posts where it's 'why are no servers showing up in my Servers folder' etc, and then it's explained all about WINS and such. I get that part, but several times I've seen mention of using the OUs to get that information.

    So, let's say all of servers are in one of two server OUs already, is there a way to populate hyena with that OU to the 'Servers' list or add in a Custom folder in place of 'Servers' and populate it with the information from one and/or preferably both of the OUs, so in essence I could have a 'Servers' list (or any other grouping if I chose)?

    I apologize if this is so simple that it shouldn't warrant a posting, but I'm new with Hyena

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    Re: use OU to list servers

    You can create an object for those OUs that will show up in the left window, basically like a shortcut. To do that go to File->Manage Object View->Objects, and at the bottom click New and change the Type to Container/OU Contents. Use the browse button beside ADSI Path to find the OU you want.