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Only One Server Shows up in Hyena

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  • Only One Server Shows up in Hyena

    We have several domains within our network. We have users who can view a lot of the network using Hyena. One of my users has 3 domains in her browser on the left side of her screen. If she chooses domain1 and goes to the list of servers, it only shows one server, but if she looks at domain2 or domain3 and goes to servers she sees all of them. Her permissions on the all domains is the same and she can see them all under computers. I deleted the entry for domain1 in her object manager closed Hyena, opened it again and added it back but got the same result. I have never seen anyone else have this issue.

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    Re: Only One Server Shows up in Hyena

    The Servers folder is built from your Windows Browse List, so missing servers for a domain indicates an incomplete browse list for that domain. This could be related to location, etc.

    The Computers folder is all computer accounts and comes from AD, so will always have all servers and workstations. The only way for us to get a list of servers, though, is using the browse list function.

    You can either troubleshoot the browsing issue or use Containers/OUs or Computers to find those servers.