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NTFS Security (Selected Objects)

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  • NTFS Security (Selected Objects)


    I am using Hyena 7.7 and running an NTFS Security report on a shared drive to see the NTFS permissions on the folders inside that shared drive.

    I can see that I have the option of selecting only the top level directory or all sub-directories in the View Object Security window.

    My question is, is there any way to run a report on more than just the first directory, but less than every sub-directory; maybe like 3 sub-directories down?

    I would settle for a way to run a report to show only sub-directories that don't have inherited permissions as well. This would actually be the best option.

    Any leads would be great.

    Thank you.

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    Re: NTFS Security (Selected Objects)

    Specifying the number of levels was recently added to the Exporter Pro utility that comes with Hyena. It is on the File/Directory template.


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      Re: NTFS Security (Selected Objects)

      Perfect. Thank you for replying so soon.

      However, I can't see the option to select multiple levels in the File/Directory Export Template.

      I see the two options in Directory Scan Options section; top level of path only and all levels.

      I apologize, I am new at this...


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        Re: NTFS Security (Selected Objects)

        I'm sorry about that! I just realized it's not on the site yet. I'm looking into how to get you a copy.


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          Re: NTFS Security (Selected Objects)

          Sweet. I thought I was crazy or being a pain in the ass.

          If you can't get it, can you at least give me an ETA on when it will be released.

          Thanks again.