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  • Query output question..

    Hi Guys,

    I've run a query to produce some group memberships, but the output is defaulting to the users' full DN, and where it gets to a certain length, it cuts it off with a '!'.

    Is there a way to -
    a) change the output to the users samid,
    b) get rid of the '!'

    Very urgent, and help HUGELY appreciated!!

    Many thanks!

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    Re: Query output question..

    Exporter Pro would be best for that one. You cam select the users you want in Hyena then go to Tools-Exporter Pro-Export From Selected Objects.

    Click the Settings button and enable the User Group Memberships export and run it.


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      Re: Query output question..

      Thank you for that swift reply!

      I think I explained myself incorrectly in my post.

      I've got a mailbox (not a group, sorry) and I have filtered to show two custom attributes "altrecipient" and "publicdelegates".

      On the output on the right, they use the DN, and this is too long, as it is truncated with a '!'.

      Can i change this for these two fields to show as SAMID, rather than DN?

      Thanks again for your help.


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        Re: Query output question..

        Hyena's right-hand window truncates the data as each field can only hold 255 characters max. We have no control over that unfortunately. The data you are seeing for those fields is the way it is in AD, so we can't change that either.

        You should be able to produce the same output using Exporter Pro, though. It writes directly to a delimited text file so it won't have the 255 character limit.


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          Re: Query output question..

          Thanks again for the reply.

          I am a little confused as to how to export the two attributes for the mailbox though?

          "altrecipient" and "publicdelegates"

          Can I use exporter pro on the mailboxes with those attributes?


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            Re: Query output question..

            Send a screenshot showing how you are getting this in Hyena to [email protected] and we'll let you know if this is possible.