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  • Report On All Workstations/Servers/Systems

    I understand that the browse list is never complete and can be very problematic, but of course the Server/Domain Controller/Computers listing under Domain in Hyena is the easiest place to select "all" systems and launch Exporter Pro. Yet when required to get a report on "all" systems running XYZ, I cannot use this method since all machines are not listed.

    Under AD we don't have a specific OU where all servers or workstations exist. I cannot launch Exporter Pro (it seems) against the root of AD and have it drill down through all the containers/OUs and find all machines for some reason.

    Also when using this method it tries to hit all "deleted" computer objects (and we keep those around for 60 days due to policy).

    Is there some query that I can use in Hyena against AD to pull all active systems of a specific type (server, workstation, Windows version X, etc.) and then I can select all those objects on the right and run an Exporter Pro report?

    Thanks -- Dana

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    Re: Report On All Workstations/Servers/Systems

    Servers is the only folder that uses the Browse List, and that's due to Windows not offering a way to retrieve just servers from AD. Domain Controllers and Computers comes from AD, and the Computers folder is all computer accounts. So, it will include all computer types.

    You can right-click on Computers and choose Query Active Directory->Computer(Detailed). This will give you additional information in the right-hand window such as OS that you can sort/filter on. You'll also have the Role column which will have DISABLED for disabled computers. You can filter out those computers using the filter under Edit->Find.