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    Under Servers, only a few of our severs are appearing. How do I get all our servers to appear?

    They do all appear under Containers/OUs

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    Re: Show All Servers

    The Server list is obtained from the Windows browse list, which can have a lot of problems in some environments. In general, we provide the Server list because this was a feature since v1.0 of Hyena, but its not very useful in an AD environment and can be inaccurate.
    The best way to get a list of servers is to create an OU just for the servers and move the computer objects into that OU. Then, just view the contents of the OU.

    Another way is to create a naming convention or an description in some AD field and add that to a query to scan the entire AD for all computers, then filter for what you want to see.

    Microsoft has never implemented any way to just view 'servers' in AD or Windows for that matter.


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      Re: Show All Servers

      Thank you.

      I upgraded to v 7.3 and now even few servers are showing up. Curious.