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  • Remote VNC Thumbnails

    I'm pretty impressed with Hyena, and it combines many of the tools I need every day.

    I have previously used VNCScan which is a bit less cumbersome interface, but fewer features.
    2 things I am missing,
    1.) logged in users in a machine list (WMI query takes forever! and the error pop-ups and system *bonks!* are irritating to say the least)

    2.) Active Thumbnails of remote computers and the archiving (routine saving of jpeg to hard drive) of those

    Without these 2 features, I'm not sure if the purchase of hyena is worth it.

    Does anyone know how to incorporate these features?

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    Re: Remote VNC Thumbnails

    1. You can select computers in the right-hand window, right-click and choose View Logged on Users.

    2. This is not possible with Hyena.


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      Re: Remote VNC Thumbnails

      One thing we are working on for the next release (by the end of the year) is a WMI logging capability, so that you can just let a query run and have errors, etc. logged to a file. Or, you can also use Exporter Pro to do the time-consuming WMI things.
      Kevin Stanush
      SystemTools Software Inc.