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  • View log of hyena tasks

    hi there.

    does hyena generate a log of actions it performs.

    for example - i select 20 PC's and install VNC. is there a log created that can confirm which PC's received VNC.

    Generally our PC's are left on but some are switched off. it's hard to keep track of which PC's recieve which updates - i know i can run another report which tells me which software is installed on which PC. cool - but this isn't right because some pc's that aren't switched on wont respond and therefore i wont know if they have the s/w installed or not...

    and so it goes around and around.

    any feedback appreciated

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    Re: View log of hyena tasks

    The majority of Hyena's functions are not logged. Some of the multi-object functions do have a logging option, though. You'll easily see this because when you go to that function there is a box to enter the name/location of a log file.