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Adding Local TCP/IP Printers to Remote Workstations

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  • Adding Local TCP/IP Printers to Remote Workstations

    Hello everyone,

    This might sound strange but it works for us.

    We have network printers but do not attach them to a server instead our workstations print directly to them via a Local "Standard TCP/IP Port".

    We are running Hyena on XP but we have a combination of XP and Win2KPro PCs. The Win2kProSP4 boxes do not cooperate. We are successful in creating the Port through "Printers... Shell Functions... Server Properties... Ports Tab... Add Port". But when we try to use the "Printers... Shell Functions... Add Printer... Use the following port:" and then select the port we just created, choose the network location for the driver, runs through the install and then we get "Unable to install Printer. The Print Processor does not exist."

    We know there are HotFixes KB835998 and KB906752 for Win2KPro and XP but they are referencing "custom print processors".

    Any suggestions?

    - Tom

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    Re: Adding Local TCP/IP Printers to Remote Workstations

    I believe the "print processor does not exist" error is due to the printer functions not being installed on a computer. This could be the remote computer, but it can also be your computer.

    Hyena has no control over this but rather executes the add printer function in Windows. Windows is the one returning the error, so it thinks you don't have something that it needs, either on the remote computer or yours.