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How do you increase what account copy copies?

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  • How do you increase what account copy copies?

    Okay, I have a few questions:
    1. When I copy an account, it doesn't copy the address or organization information so I'm required to fill it in manually. Can this be tweaked?
    2. ADUC allows you to have the properties of more than one account both opened at the same time, however, the native Hyena account properties (which we want to use since we like the templates feature) does not seem to allow this. This makes it difficult to copy/paste some settings from one account to the other.

    Basically, when we create an account based on an account copy, we need all of the information from the source account to be recreated with the exception of username, email address, title, and home/ts profile directories. Any tips would be great.

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    Re: How do you increase what account copy copies?

    Neither of these two things are available in Hyena currently, but we could add the capability to select which fields to copy/not copy in a pre-beta version. The other option to have more than one user dialog open at one time is going to take more investigation, as its somewhat difficult to do what is called a 'non-modal' dialog in Windows.

    Let me know if you want to test such a change.

    Thanks for the suggestions.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Re: How do you increase what account copy copies?

      Testing something like that would be great. For our organization, and from others I've been in too...copying accounts is one of the primary account creation methods whether it be from a real user or a template account. The more data that can come over in the account copy operation the better b/c it prevents manually entering data. In our org, this is especially important b/c we use ldap filters for Exchange address lists and query based distribution lists, so if certain fields are not correct, it fouls many things up. Many times, we are creating accounts for multiple users who have the same address and other vital data, so it seems laborious to be forced to manually reenter alot of data if the copy process can bring it over.

      As for the other issue, I'm not sure what's so difficult about the ability to open more than one account's property dialogue box at the same time, but then this may be a developmental challenge that is over my head.