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  • Hyena Version Issues

    Currently I have somehow got a copy of Hyena v5.2 and v6.5 running on the same laptop.

    In neither version can I open up the OU tree under Containers/OUs. I double-click and nothing happens. However other peers can and their PCs are set up the exact same way, outside of the fact that they only have one version on the PC.

    Also anything else I click on works fine. Just when I choose Containers/OUs does it 'fail'.

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    Re: Hyena Version Issues

    If you don't have a need for two versions, I would suggest removing the older version. Then to try and figure out the other problem, here are a few questions:

    1. Has this worked for you before? If so, what changed recently?
    2. Are you able to logon to a coworker's computer to test to see if you can view the data there?
    3. If nothing comes out of the above you may need to reinstall to make sure nothing has been corrupted.