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  • Reporting Size of Shares

    Is it possible to do this?

    We need to enable quota's on our shares, and I need to report on about 10,000 shares and what size they are so I know which one's will get locked out as soon as the quota is applied.

    Is there any way to report on how much disk space a share is using?

    Treefilesize is not an option for us, as we will not run .exe files on our nas servers.


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    Re: Reporting Size of Shares

    Exporter Pro's File/Directory templates included a field called Dir Files(Bytes) that adds up the size of all files in a directory, including sub-directories. I would suggest trying that on a small directory to see if it will give you what you are looking for.


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      Re: Reporting Size of Shares

      How do you run the command? I installed an app called Folder Size that displays the size of folders, but am unable to get the information into a spreadsheet. I am hoping Hyena (running v7.2) will do it. Were on an AD 2003 domain.