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  • Netware

    For some reason I am no longer able to fully view my Netware Servers. I can drill down to Enterprise> Networks> Netware Services> Netware Servers> Server Name>. But ping fails and it does not connect. Yet I can ping from the DOS prompt and the contents are avaialble. Just not through Hyena.

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    Re: Netware

    What did you used to be able to see when you selected one of these servers ? Disk space ? If you turn off the ping options, does it then work ? One of the ping options is to abort the option if the ping fails, and that might be the cause of the problem. See if the ping is using the Netbios or DNS name on the status bar. You can also try the option ping option, but you have to restart Hyena.

    Microsoft requires full admin rights to ping from an application, which makes no sense but can cause problems when running Hyena with less than full admin rights.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.