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  • AD - User and Group report

    I'download and test this fantastic software for my company. I have to buy it but i need your help to create a report.

    I need a list whit all ad user and his group but i don't know how... i need a report only whit CN group. like on a windows when you duble click on a user.

    It's possible?

    sorry for my english

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    Re: AD - User and Group report

    Exporter Pro has a User Group Membership export that should do what you want. In Hyena click on your domain, then go to Tools->Exporter Pro->Export From Selected Objects. Click the Settings button, then expand Active Directory(Users,Groups) and double-click on User Group Membership. Enable it, make sure there is an output file specified and run the export.

    When finished you can open the output file with Excel.