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  • Report Screen Resolution

    Has anyone discovered a registry entry or WMI setting that will report screen resolution?

    I'm currently trying to track that down and (hopefully) use Hyena to report it back to me.

    We have an application that requires a certain screen resolution and I'm trying to determine how many of our machines are not using a high enough resolution.

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    Re: Report Screen Resolution

    Never fails as soon as I post I find what I am looking for ~ almost. Some more browsing brought me to Win32_DisplayControllerConfiguration which has HorizontalResolution and VerticalResolution which I believe is what I want, but when I run Exporter Pro to export the data, the log reports "Exporting from WMI" but the text file is blank except for the heading.


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      Re: Report Screen Resolution

      I tested this class and it worked fine for me. Give us the exact steps you are taking from start to finish.


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        Re: Report Screen Resolution

        I am not sure what I was doing wrong with that export, but shortly after, I found your already predefined WMI export 'Display Controller' which was exactly the information I was looking for, and worked perfectly.

        Thank you for responding!