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  • Speed/Duplex

    I've searched on this, and it looks like it was asked a couple years ago but never addressed.

    Is there any way to query the line speed/duplex? I just want a return of 100MB, 200MB, 1000MB

    Possible yet?

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    Re: Speed/Duplex

    I'm not sure, but if there is a way it would probably be through WMI. You would have to search to see if there is a class that contains this info, though.


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      Re: Speed/Duplex

      I've searched WMI and there isn't anything in there. There's everything BUT speed.

      How is it possible that you can't report on what speed the box is currently set to? Seems pretty basic to me.


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        Re: Speed/Duplex

        We're limited to the information that we can get from Windows. If Windows stores it somewhere, and in a location we can get to, then we should be able to report it also.


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          Re: Speed/Duplex

          The Performance sub-system has an object named "Network" that reports the speed. Its one of the built-in classes under Performance.

          You can also access this performance object using WMI using the Win32_PerfFormattedData_Tcpip_NetworkInterface class which accesses the same information.


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            Re: Speed/Duplex

            Can you assist with applying this in hyena?


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              Re: Speed/Duplex

              To see the Performance counters you can expand a computer and expand Performance, then double-click on Network.

              To use WMI you can right-click on a computer or selection of computers and choose WMI->Execute Query. Click New to create a query for this class and paste in Win32_PerfFormattedData_Tcpip_NetworkInterface. Click OK and it should come up with the available properties for that class. Add the properties you want and click Execute Query.