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  • Add 2003 Domain

    Our company has acquired another company out of state and I wish to add their domain to my hyena installation. We currently have a VPN setup between facilities but no domains trusts. We are still on an NT Domain and they are on a 2003 domain. I know the 2003 DC ip address and username/password (there is no dns resolution between the facilities yet.) How do I add their domain to my object view. Thanks

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    Re: Add 2003 Domain

    It might be a little difficult without DNS, but you can try adding the domain and see what happens.

    Since you are in an NT domain I'll assume you don't have the Windows adminpak.msi, which would be required to manage AD.

    The next step would be in Hyena to go to File->Manage Object View->Objects. At the bottom configure it for a Windows 2000/2003 Domain object. You'll have to enter the ADSI Path in the format of LDAP://domain or LDAP:// For the ADSI Server try entering the IP address of one of the controllers in that domain.

    Click Add and then OK and see if you are able to manage that domain.


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      Re: Add 2003 Domain

      I have already tried those steps and it doesn't work. Any other suggestions (besides getting on ad)


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        Re: Add 2003 Domain

        Can you expand on "it doesn't work"?


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          Re: Add 2003 Domain

          I am getting "Unable to access Active Directory path LDAP://Domainname. Win32 HRESULT 0x8007203A => The server is not operational."


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            Re: Add 2003 Domain

            Assuming you want to access AD functions, you will need to get the domain entered using an LDAP path, either:

            - or -

            Since you don't have DNS I would use the first option.

            In both cases, you would need to enter an ip address of a domain controller for the ADSI Server field in Object Manager. Enter in the address like, do not enter any backslashes, etc.

            The other option is to enter the ip address of a domain controller directly and enter it as a server. This will give you access to the users, group, services, etc. but not an AD information. Perhaps this will be all you would need. But if you need OUs, or other user information like department, etc then you need AD access.

            You might also have to right click on the entry and select either Logon As... or Set Authentication Credentials as you may run into security problems, but first try to just get the domain/computer to just open in the left window.

            Finally, you can create a lmhosts entry too; that sometimes helps
            Kevin Stanush
            SystemTools Software Inc.