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    I'm trying to generate a report or run an export that shows computer "logon domain" information. For example, when viewing a computer property & then choosing the "System" tab, under the "Logged On Users", it provides information of the computer logon domain.

    We've recently performed an AD migration using the Microsoft ADMT utility to "move" computers from one domain to another. However, we've recently found out that the ADMT didn't "move" the computer AD objects but rather "copied" the computer object to the other domain. Now we have duplicate computer objects. When we disable a computer object in one domain, the duplicate object in the other domain also becomes disabled.

    Now, we are simply trying to find out which computer logs on into what domain.


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    Re: Export Computer Logon Domain Info

    I don't really understand what ADMT did, but the information on the 'System' tab for the logged on user information is unfortunately something that we don't have an export option for. It might be possible to get this information from the registry on the computer, but I don't know where the function that we use gets this information. You would have to run a registry scanning service or device driver to get the registry locations when the function is called.

    You might see if AD has any information on the computer accounts that it created. Take on of the old accounts and see what AD elements exist and what the values are, then take one of the new accounts and do the same and compare them to see if anything can tell you which is active or not.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.