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using AD Queries in a batch file

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  • using AD Queries in a batch file

    I have been using Hyena for a long time, and now I need to use some of its benefits in a batch file. I have an AD Query set up to show the Dept(OU), DisplayName and LogonHours of all 3800 users in our state department. Now my boss wants me to create a spreadsheet that would be instantly available to everyone (intranet)that would show all users with more than regular logon hours, sorted by OU. Need help!!

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    Re: using AD Queries in a batch file

    Exporter Pro should do this for you. You can configure an export with the fields you want, and when you get that working, it supports running from the command line. You can call it from a batch file and schedule the batch file. It produces delimited text output, so you would then just need to automate the presentation of that text file.