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How do i deploy a file...

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  • How do i deploy a file...

    Is there an easy way to deploy a file to our server fleet, we want to put psexec on the root of every box in our farm.

    I assume this needs to be done with some sort of tool/batch file - i'm just a newbie when it comes to this part of hyena.

    Can anyone assist?

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    Re: How do i deploy a file...

    You can create a Custom Tool to do this.

    Here are some instructions to get you started:

    1. Go to Tools->Settings->Tools and click New.
    2. Enter in a caption such as Copy File, then in the Command Line enter:

    cmd /c xcopy C:\file.dat "\\%E%\c$\*.*"

    3. Click OK to save this tool.
    4. To run it, select the computers you want to copy to in the right window, right-click and choose Tools, then the tool you created.