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More than one domain in Hyena

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  • More than one domain in Hyena

    I have read about 2 methods for adding more domains to Hyena: File->Add Domain... or through Object Manager.
    I can see the domain and its structure which I have added (the OUs and everything in them) but I cannot see or modify any of the properties.
    I used the Logon As... command on the PDC emulator of the additional domain I want to manage (it is in a two-way external trust with the domain my workstation is in). But I always get this error:
    Unable to establish IPC$ connection to \\dc_name. The network path was not found. It makes no difference if I put FQDN of the DC in the Logon As... prompt. I can ping everything in that domain because it is in the trust and DNS zones are exchanged.
    DCs are Windows Server 2003 R2, functional level is w2k3.
    IPC$ is shared on the DC, but permission cannot be displayed.
    I tried with creating a mirror domain admin account with the same password, but it doesn't work.

    Any help would be appreciated...


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    Re: More than one domain in Hyena

    Assuming these are AD domains, the Logon As option won't affect AD operations, as the IPC$ connection has no effect on AD.

    You can test from a command prompt setting up an IPC$ connection by typing:

    net use \\server\ipc$ /user:xxx *

    This is essentially all Hyena does.

    But unless you are trying to manage local things, like shares or files, the iPC$ connection won't help viewing OU contents for example.

    There are not many good solutions on managing AD when your current account does not permit multi-domain management. Here are some solutions:

    1. Run a different instance of Hyena using RunAs, so that you can supply alternate credentials for each domain. This is Microsoft't method, and it is not very elegant.

    2. Try using the Manage Passwords option in Control Panel, Users to see if it works for you. The passwords are stored fairly safely, and its supposed to work with AD.

    3. The more recent versions of Hyena have an option titled "Authentication Credentials" when you right click on any AD domain. This option will temporarily save (for the active session) the user/password that you supply and 'might' permit you do perform AD operations throughout the domain. We say 'might' because AD does not remember these credentials and we just provide them on every AD function. We have no control over what AD is doing with the information.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.