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Copy folders that have local groups

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  • Copy folders that have local groups

    Hi. How do you use Hyena to copy folders from one server to another if those folders have local groups on them? When we've tried this, we get folders on the other machine with the SID on them -- even though the groups were copied successfully.

    For example, we'd like to copy a folder from ServerX\MyFolder to ServerY\MyFolder. MyFolder has the following local group on it: ServerX\MyLocalUsers. How do we get MyFolder to ServerY with the permission ServerY\MyLocalUsers? Thank you.

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    Re: Copy folders that have local groups

    Do you mean the Copy Shares function, or are you copying directories? Hyena can only set permissions for shares and the directory the share points to. Directories and files would have to be copied separately using something like scopy.exe from the Windows Resource Kit.