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Copy a Folder As System Name

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  • Copy a Folder As System Name

    Small problem i cannot solve, i have 10 servers and i need to backup a directory on all the servers c:\testbin to a remote location. Enyone know how to copy the folders to the remote location and renaming the folders to the originating system name?
    For example server(TOMP33) i need to copy the c:\testbin to \\remoteserver\c$\ but the destination folder needs to be renamed to TOMP33 so the output should look like this

    Thanks for the help

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    Re: Copy a Folder As System Name

    You should be able to create a Custom Tool or use the Generate Macro function with something like:

    MD \\%E%\c$\%E%
    xcopy c:\testbin\*.* \\%E%\c$\%E%\*.*

    The %E% variables above will be changed to the computer you select to run this against.


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      Re: Copy a Folder As System Name

      Let me try that, i will post my results.
      Thank you for your speedy response.