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Usernames from IP/Hostname

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  • Usernames from IP/Hostname

    Hi All

    Having used quite a few products (network view/Nessus/nmap) for a very trivial but very important requirement that that is the the ability to map, IP Address/Machine name to the current logged-in user ID on Windows 2003 Domain.

    During my search for such a tool, I came across:

    but it's now unavailable for download for some reasons.

    How else can I accomplish this. The machine names are given according to asset number and my license server gives error messages according to Netbios hostnames and IP which I need to track across 14 floors.

    Please advise!!

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    Re: Usernames from IP/Hostname

    i have been looking for the same sort of thing for ages. there is loads of scripts here that basically uses net send %username% and spits back a machinename.

    this is only anygood if you have netsend enabled on your machines - which we dont.

    so any joy would be good


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      Re: Usernames from IP/Hostname

      If you're running SMS, you may be able to get this info, all together.


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        Re: Usernames from IP/Hostname

        I found something

        Download mwloggedon from here:

        With Domain admin credentials, run:
        mwloggedon <ip/hostanem>