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Detect Open Shares (win 2000/2003)

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  • Detect Open Shares (win 2000/2003)

    I am new to this tool. How can I configure Hyena to detect and report open shares (shares open to Everyone Group or any authenticated users with write/update permissions)in our environment on a monthly basis. We have thousands of servers.


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    Re: Detect Open Shares (win 2000/2003)

    You should be able to use Exporter Pro for this. Here are some instructions:

    In Hyena select the server or servers that you want to report on, then go to Tools->Exporter Pro->Export Selected Objects.
    Click the Settings button, then double-click on Security Access.
    Check the box to Export Security Information and enter an Output File Name.

    For share permissions, check the box for shares and choose the type of shares you want reported on. Check the box to only export information for users/groups listed in this file. Enter a filename that will contain the users/groups you want to search for. The file doesn't have to exist yet because when you click the Edit button Notepad will open and ask you if you want to create it. In the file you will list, one per line, the users and/or groups you want to search for. Then click OK to close that dialog.

    Security Access should be the only option enabled on this screen, if there is anything else enabled, disable them. When done, click Close and click Start Export.

    When finished you can open the output file specified on the Security Access tab with Excel and see the places where that group(s) was found.

    If this produces the information you need, Exporter Pro has a command line syntax that you can use in a batch file. Schedule the batch file to run whenever you like and it will run and produce the file for you. Command line usage is explained in Exporter Pro's help file.