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  • DCOM Settings

    Is there a way for me to check the DCOM settings on a remote computer? I have to check the settings on over 100 systems...

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    Re: DCOM Settings

    I wish, but no. There are other p[rograms on the market to do it (COM Plus Manager), but they are not free ($500 or so).

    I WISH they would add DCOM management to Hyena.

    Jason Bottjen


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      Re: DCOM Settings

      You might look at WMICoder from Microsoft and examine Win32_DCOMApplication. The coding for a script file can then be extended to a list of all of your servers.


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        Re: DCOM Settings

        The Enterprise Edition of Hyena can handle WMI queries, even on multiple computers. And Exporter Pro (even with the Standard Edition) can also process WMI queries on unlimited number of computer accounts.

        In this case, if the class name is Win32_DCOMApplication, then you are all set. I found four (4) WMI classes with 'DCOM' in the name on my computer.
        Kevin Stanush
        SystemTools Software Inc.