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Dumpevt always dumps full log?

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  • Dumpevt always dumps full log?

    Thank you in advance for any help that you can give!
    I am running a script that dumps each log every hour to an .ini file using the following command:
    c:\pctech\dumpevt\dumpevt.exe /logfile=app /outfile=c:\pctech\reports\applog.ini
    Dumpevt is appending to the file correctly, however is appending all the previous logs and not just the "new" event logs since the last dump. What do I have wrong in my command?
    I have already downloaded the lastest and greatest dumpevt files.

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    Re: Dumpevt always dumps full log?

    DumpEvt writes the event ID that it last dumped into the registry, and also echos the parameters when its run. See if you can send a picture or extract of the parameters that it displays to [email protected].

    The registry entry for the event log under HKEY_XXX\Software\SomarSoft\dumpevt should show you if its writing the last record correctly. The process that you are running DumpEvt under will need write access to this registry key.

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    Kevin Stanush
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