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  • Manage Directory Attributes

    I find that I use the Manage Directory Attributes feature quite a bit lately in v6.7. Is there a way to have that put into a toolbar button?

    Also, when managing a large group of clients (1000+), I can highlight them and right-click, manage directory attributes from there, but it seems as though nothing happens. Is this just a very long delay?


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    Re: Manage Directory Attributes

    We'll look at an option for this in a future release.

    The problem with selecting that many objects is each object requires a connection to AD, and you could be running into an upper limit set by AD.

    We'll try to add a counter or something in the current beta so that it will at least provide some progress and let you know if it is actually locked or just running slow.


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      Re: Manage Directory Attributes

      A progress message has been added to the current beta, which should be released in a few days. To join the beta group, send a blank email to [email protected].

      This progress message should reveal where a bottleneck might be plus provide some feedback during this process.
      Kevin Stanush
      SystemTools Software Inc.