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    Is there a way using Hyena to save a query to be run quickly? In ADUC you can use saved queries to create LDAP searches that will quickly list only users/computers that fit the LDAP query. Is it possible to create such a query and then add it to the object manager? I know i can list all user objects, then based on what i'm looking for, search for that and filter the records. But if there was a way to save a query to be run many times, that would be a great addition to an already excellent product.
    Thanks for any input that you may have.

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    Re: Saved Queries

    We have some functions in this area in our next beta. You can subscribe by sending a blank email to [email protected].

    There is also an OU Filtering Toolbar that you can use to view only certain objects types such as users, computers, etc. This is located at the bottom of Hyena when you click on Containers/OUs.