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  • Hyena Copy function

    I hope this hasn't been discussed yet...

    I would like to copy a single column only from the list window. Ok, if I select all members from the list window and then click on copy from the Edit menu I am presented with a list of columns to copy. If I select only the Display Name for example, the results show the group name and the display name after it for every entry. Is there any way to omit the group name or more importantly set Hyena to only copy the columns I choose?


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    Re: Hyena Copy function

    Sorry for the delay in a reply. Hyena will only copy the columns you select, with the only exception being that if you are copying group members, the group name is also included since it can't be selected. But you can turn this feature off with a registry setting.

    Go the Hyena's Help file, under Advanced, Advanced Registry Settings, and add the entry for "IncludeGroupNameOnClipboardCopy". This should give you the behavior you are looking for. You don't have to restart, either.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Re: Hyena Copy function

      Sweet! Lot's of other good stuff there as well. Just didn't think it would be an "advanced setting" but I should have looked better. Thanks!