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Folder sizes on a share

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  • Folder sizes on a share

    I'm trying to get the directory sizes on two subdirectories under a root directory on a share.

    The root directory is e$\VICAMS Website Documents. The paths to the subdirectories are e$\VICAMS Website Documents\_vti_cnf and e$\VICAMS Website Documents\download docs.

    I set up the File/Directory options with a check mark next to "Output directory information only". In the Output columns I
    have File/Directory Path, Dir files(bytes), and %Object_NAME%.

    For the Shared Directory Paths Properties I have the directories specified as "e$\VICAMS Website Documents\_vti_cnf|e$\VICAMS Website Documents\download docs" and I have "Scan top-level of path and all subdirectories" selected.

    When I run the Export I only get the output headings and no information. Can you please tell me what I may be missing in the setup of the options.


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    Re: Folder sizes on a share

    Try specifying just this directory path:

    e$\VICAMS Website Documents

    What do you get from there?


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      Re: Folder sizes on a share

      I get the output of the two directories but the sizes are 0. Is there something I need to add to add in the properties?


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        Re: Folder sizes on a share

        Sorry I had the wrong template selected. I configured the options under the right template "All Files" and I'm now getting directory sizes.