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  • Object Classification

    How do I change an objects classification from (for example) a computer to a server.

    Much appreciated.

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    Re: Object Classification

    Can you give more details on this?


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      Re: Object Classification

      In the TOC on the left side, there are categories such as computers, servers, global groups, etc.

      About half of my servers show up under the computers heading and the other half show up under servers. I remember that I used just change the classification or something to make them appear under the correct category or heading or whatever you call that.

      That's all.


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        Re: Object Classification

        The Servers folder is built dynamically from your Windows Browse List, so missing servers indicates a browsing issue on your network of some sort. The Computers folder is a list of all computer accounts from your domain, so it should always contain servers and workstations.

        There's no way to add or remove objects from the Servers folder in Hyena, so the only option would be to either correct the browsing issue or create a static Object Grouping and manually add your servers to it. You would do this under File->Manage Object View. Keep in mind that this is a static list, though, so you'll have to manually add and remove servers as they are added and removed from your domain.