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  • enumerate all users

    In Hyena when I click on all users it starts counting user object with LDAP://<DCname>
    when on 7200 it stops counting and takes a while to proceed again
    Any idea why it always gives a delay at 7200 objects?


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    Re: enumerate all users

    Not sure what you are running into there. How long is the delay?


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      Re: enumerate all users

      <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Originally posted by cmccullough:
      <span style="font-weight: bold">Not sure what you are running into there. How long is the delay?</span></div></div>

      My domain has more than 10000 user objects.
      When in Hyena I click on "all users" it is enumerating all user object but stops counting at 7200 for about 1 minute, than it goes on again and shows all the user objects


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        Re: enumerate all users

        There is the possibility that you have an account that contains something that is taking AD a long time to retrieve. What you could try is to select a 100+ (like 150 or so) users from about the 4700'th user to the 4850th user, right click, select Tabular Views->User Detailed. Then, see if you get a similar delay. I you do, then you can repeat this process on a different subset until you might be able to narrow it down to a single user.

        Either that, or you are just running into some internal AD buffer that needs to be reloaded, but I think there is something else going on like a 'bad' account or something.
        Kevin Stanush
        SystemTools Software Inc.