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  • Scriptlogic Desktop Authority

    We came across this product and it looks very interesting. Just wanted to check if Hyena could already do what this product can do? Obviously we don't want to consider purchasing Scriptlogic if Hyena is capable of the same functionality.

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    Re: Scriptlogic Desktop Authority

    I am not familiar with the capability of this product. What does it do and what functionality are you looking for ?

    In any case, I would suggest that you take advantage of our 30-day free trial period as I assume that they have a similar trial and compare them in actual usage.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Re: Scriptlogic Desktop Authority

      We use both DA and Hyena.

      DA is a way of scripting change everytime a user logs on.

      We use Hyena more to do one time changes for multiple users at a time.


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        Re: Scriptlogic Desktop Authority


        I D/L the 30 day demo and I think I'll check it out. Sure would be easier to make minor user tweaks this way instead of creating seperate GPO's for each user to tweak things around. You know the story....every user wants to do some things just a little bit differently than the other guy...not enough to cause a security or procedural concern, just a "how do I do that for individual users" other than on their workstations....


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          Re: Scriptlogic Desktop Authority

          I have tried Hyena. Then - Desktop Authority. And I have made a choice at Desktop Authority.


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            Re: Scriptlogic Desktop Authority

            thanks for the info Andy