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unable to list local groups

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  • unable to list local groups

    hi everybody,
    i'm trying to use Hyena v6.5 to handle a domain on a Suse 9.2 Samba 3.0.3. Domain is ok and working, and Hyena access the domain, list users, global groups and so on.. but "unable to list local groups".. The user is on is Administrator on local machine, and root on Domain.. on local workstation Hyena list correctly local groups.. tnx for any info.. also doc on web..

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    Re: unable to list local groups

    Is there more to that error message? The second part should give us more of an idea of what is happening.


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      Re: unable to list local groups

      the second part was, translated in english, "the stub has received incorrect data".. i hope this is the info you need. Tnx


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        Re: unable to list local groups

        It would seem from the error that the function call that we are using does not work right with this 'Windows' O/S. You need to contact the vendor to see if they have a patch for a problem like this.
        Kevin Stanush
        SystemTools Software Inc.


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          Re: unable to list local groups

          maybe i start to understand... joining what you say me.. the system i was working client side was Windows 2000 pro, so i don't think a problem retrieving local groups.. but maybe i was working with admin account of domain (root group) to manage the domain that hadn't any right on local machine (only domain admins has right). I'll try later to add right to admin account of domain in local machine and i let you know.. tnx for answers anyway..